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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6: God/s

From Anurudha:
The Details
Take a long, hard look at the world: the perceived and the imagined, and marvel at our beliefs, hegemonies, ideologies, idiosyncrasies; the uniqueness that is uniquely individual. 

Our mythical precepts of time, space, science and identity, and the trillion notions that collide every nano second… it still works. God is in the details.

From @Mari_deSilva:
A father shot dead by a stray bullet one day before the war ended. Another father lights 4 lamps in memory of his only 3 children and wife on 'Victory Day’. A 3 year old sporting her new slippers is killed in gang cross-fire.

The good shall be rewarded - the evil punished, we’re told.

(Inspired by something I wrote in 2010)

From @rami_desh:
One by one, they went aboard the magnificient vessel bound for a distant shore unknown. Divine beings, deities, to leave, and never to be seen again.

Their time had come, for men were no longer believers, men had the tools to shape their own destinies without having to be manipulated by these gods, both benevolent and malevolent.

From @sharasekaram:
She gazed upon him, her breast filled with an emotion for which she had no name. ‘Love’ seemed paltry. She felt as though a god had come to take residence in her life, and shower her with happiness and blessings, to which none could compare.  But they say it’s a feeling every new parent has.

From @PennyKinned:
It was as the gods willed, the holy man proclaimed. The family had turned their backs on the old ways, had the temerity to voice the forbidden. Now, the gods had spoken.

The wails around the young man’s body drowned out the holy man’s secret sigh of relief.

Thank gods, the status quo was safe.

From Tristan Kube:
On the heels of nihilism existentialism came to be, and now man fashioned with the slogan of the twenty-first century – “God is dead” emancipates himself from all emotional sensitivity, responsibility and morality. He finally turns to worship himself - the only one worthy of his glory.

From @idrinkblueblood:
I am lost, I do not know what to do. I look around me - there is nothing that gives me hope, nothing that makes me smile. She is no more. I take a deep breath. I wipe a tear. I look around again. I sigh. 

God, are you really there, I question the empty room.

From @Shi_dreams:
The Gods gathered around the ruins of Olympus. Centuries had passed since they were here, and when Zeus summoned them back, he’d said they had to put their differences aside and work together.  Troubled times were upon them and time was short. Hades, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Poseidon, and Ares had a battle to prepare for.

From @shamsmakkiya:
Shattered into pieces.

Nevertheless the faith in the everlasting omnipotent rejuvenated my being.

I still live...

From @bhagsy:
The gods are really angry with him. Upul knew it, he rather felt it. But he wasn't sure what he had done to anger them so much. He had displeased them. Displeased them a lot. As if confirming his thoughts, it rained heavily, soaking him to the core.

From @BdrAzam:
Ancient greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses each with distinct personality. Greek myths explains the Origins of gods and their interconnection with ancient folks. The foremost and the dominant of them is the zeus, the sky god or the god of gods.  And his wife Hera is the queen goddess.

From @wikifreakz:
Once upon a time..
Wait a sec..
Did I say 'time'?
Well.. There was nothing called
'Time' then..
Nor even 'Space'..
He said: 'Be!'
It occured..
Scientists found
'It's still been continuing,' named it:
'Big BANG'!
Then which of the favours of thy Lord will thou deny? [55:71]

From @hayahz:
Forgive me Lord for I have wronged. 

I have been lost in his version of you, lost in their misinterpretation, his misconstruction, their misguidance, disguised as 'religion'. 

Lead me on my journey of discovering you for myself. 

Help me understand you through what I learn and not what I am told and taught by men.


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